Onyx Mei Tai

Sometimes all that is needed to express pure beauty is simplicity.

This is an unpadded Pure wrap conversion made from a Little Frog Onyx wrap with an internal layer of C&C wrap fabric.

It’s a classic sized HuXling carrier measurin 16″ wide and 17″ high from the waistband.

It’s the first HuXling carrier to come without any padding at all so it’s very light and compact.

The straps are gathered wrap straps, which provide extra comfortable support when spread across baby’s bottom.

Here are the photos:

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Agate Butterflies Mei Tai Wrap Conversion

Here comes a lovely in-stock HuXling carrier perfect for the current sunny weather and to brighten up any grey days throughout the year.

This wrap conversion is made from a Little Frog Sunny Agate wrap and features some applique butterflies with some freemotion embroidery on their wings and some little blossoms. The wrap was purchased from the lovely Susan at ShowmeSlings.

It has hood loops to tie up the hoodie and to use as a neckrest and also comes with standard leg padding.

It’s a toddler-sized carrier measuring 18″ wide above the waistband and 19″ tall.

The straps are padded wrap straps measuring approximately 215cm to the longer taper.

Agate Butterflies is a pure wrap conversion with an inner layer of C&C wrap fabric and is also fully reversible.

The topstitching was done with light cream Gutermann thread. Please follow all washing and care instructions and all safety guidelines whenever using your HuXling. This HuXling was started in August 2013 and completed in March 2014.

To purchase, please go to the HuXling store now (if it is not there anymore, it has sold).

To help you make up your mind, please look at the photos:


Indio Holunder Mei Tai

I had been waiting for a very long time to convert this beauty!!! I know that Indios are not amongst the more popular wraps to work with amongst converters, but I just couldn’t resist this one …

It’s a custom sized wrap conversion measuring 19″ wide and 20″ high. It has an internal layer of strong, very heavy-weight cotton drill and the thread used for it was Gutermann 391 (for future reference).

It comes with pleated wrap straps, leg padding, a padded waist and a hoodie.

Aren’t the colours just divine?

Girasol Harvest Wrap Conversion

This HuXling custom wrap conversion was made into a mei tai with hoodie measuring 18″ wide by 19″ high just above the waistband.

This mei tai wrap conversion comes with HuXling pleated wrap straps, leg padding and acorn artwork featuring the first freemotion work on a HuXling carrier (after 2 years of practice on items for personal use only).

I truly love the colours and was very pleased with how the acorns and leaf turned out.

Here are the photos – what do you think?


Autumn Leaves Mei Tai

This lovely Pollora wrap was converted into a reversible toddler mei tai and is a Pure wrap conversion as it includes wrap fabric as its inner layer.

This custom carrier is 18″ wide and 19″ tall and comes with pleated wrap straps featuring the new HuXling pleat: a tiny box pleat on top of a bigger box pleat with two inverted pleats pointing towards the box pleats.

The Autumn Leaves mei tai also comes with an adjustable flat hood matching the body design on the peachy side.

This is the carrier I am the happiest with – it sewed like a dream and every stitch is where I wanted it. How lucky was I?!

Here are the photos:

HuXlings of 2013

Originally I had planned on writing a Christmas post listing all HuXling custom carriers and wrap conversions made in 2013 and thanking the many wonderful customers I dealt with throughout the year. However, I needed to focus on my family and so this post never happened.

Instead I will now thank all the lovely HuXling customers of 2013 for their trust, their kindness and patience with me. I was extraordinarily blessed with my client base and feel incrdibly thankful to all of them. I obviously wouldn’t have created any carriers at all without my costomers BUT it is their kindness I appreciate(d) most of all. THANK YOU!

And now a Gallery with photos of each carrier created in 2013 and a quick reminder to follow all Safety Guidelines for babywearing at all times and to treat your carriers with care to reduce damage, wear and tear.

Nixe / Mermaid Wrap Conversion

This was the last carrier I made in 2013 and it ended up being my favourite wrap conversion so far.

Custom Wrap Conversion

Initially Kokadi’s Nixe wrap was meant to be converted into a toddler full buckle carrier, but then the wrap was sold on and luckily for me the wrap’s new owner wanted to keep the slot and have a custom mei tai wrap conversion featuring some artwork.

Months of research and procrastination followed because I wanted the artwork (and the whole carrier, obviously!) to look the best I could make it look. I also felt added pressure as I knew the lovely mama owned numerous top end WAHM wrap conversions. Once I got started though, it all went quite smoothly and quickly and I loved sewing the mermaid sitting on a rock and looking up to the moon.

This wrap conversion is a Pure HuXling wrap conversion a has wrap straps, a hoodie and hood loops. It’s a toddler size and further fully reversible.

Here are some photos:

Erna Mei Tai Wrap Conversion

We used a size 7 Kokadi Erna wrap for this Erna Mei Tai Wrap Conversion.

This custom baby carrier is a toddler size and fully reversible.

It comes with leg padding and features a pixie hood, mei tai straps, two hood loops and an extra padded waist.

Additionally, it’s a Pure HuXling wrap conversion having an internal wrap layer.

Already planning this lovely mama’s next two wrap conversion, it was very reassuring to be receiving positive feedback and some beautiful action shots – thank you, Maria!

Girasol Natural Mamas Mei Tai Wrap Conversion

Wow! Wow … what a beautiful wrap this lovely mama chose to have made into a mei tai wrap conversion. The wrap was bought from Anara Slings and because of the outstanding service, great communication and fast delivery (in sturdy biodegradable maling bags) we have since bought enough fabric for at least another 3 conversions, which we hope to present as semi-custom slots within the next months. But as usual, if you have any tempting and creative ideas, please get in touch.

This mei tai wrap conversion was made from a Girasol Natural Mamas Exclusive wrap in a size 7, which is the size we require for a mei tai wrap conversion.

It is fully reversible and the first Pure HuXling wrap conversion as the internal layer is made from wrap fabric – in this case an Amazonas wrap. Other Pure HuXling wrap conversions will feature either Amazonas wrap fabric or Miel et Malice wrap fabric, which we have just bought a lot of to create in-stock carriers for the next few months (fingers crossed they don’t all stay inspirations in my head and don’t get sewn until 2015 …).

This custom made mei tai wrap conversion features padded wrap straps with HuXagon top-stitching, an extra padded toddler-worthy waistband, a super-cute tinkerish pixie hood, a toy loop and standard leg padding.

Considering I have taken 187 photos of this carrier, I hope that the best ones show why I love this mei tai wrap conversion so much. I really cannot wait to sew more custom carriers with this wrap and I hope that the mama, who ordered this custom toddler carrier is pleased with the result.


Classic HuXling Mei Tai in Filigree Flutter

This Classic HuXling Mei Tai was created during Christmas as it needed to be finished at a certain date for a family friend or incur additional (international) postage costs. At first, I was apprehensive and felt guilty for working at Christmas, but for some reason it turned out to be a very enjoyable and even relaxing experience.

The Filigree Flutter HuXling Mei Tai is classic sized and comes with standard leg padding. The body and straps are made of strong, grey, brushed cotton drill.

The classic mei tai also has a reversible hoodie and is fully reversible. The waistband is a standard padded mei tai waistband.

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