HuXling Onbuhimo

Your custom made HuXling Onbuhimo is fully reversible to a solid coloured side and uses high quality sling rings from the reputable US company SlingRings. It has three layers in the body, a padded and top-stitched waistband with two slingrings, leg padding, additional top-stitching to reinforce straps and comes with padded mei tai style straps or your chosen strap style. HuXling Onbuhimos are made slightly smaller to ensure a better, tighter and more comfortable fit.

There are options for additional padding of the head area, all different styles of hoods and different types of straps. For more information on these please see our Features page.

Onbuhimos are great baby carriers for older and more curious babies as they enable them to be carried high up your back so baby can see what you can see.

To book your Onbuhimo please email us with your requirements before purchasing any slots. Onbuhimos without hood or reversible fabric design side start from £75 plus postage. In stock onbuhimos will be listed in our shop.

These are photos of our reversible Cabanna Starburst Onbuhimo, priced £87. The photos were taken before our identifiable HuXling features were designed.The waistband will be reworked in due course.


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